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Terms & Conditions

Varshawebdesigns follow the below terms and conditions concerning all kinds of web design and development services provided to the clients.
As soon as a client accepts our quote, it is understood that they have accepted our terms and conditions as well. Before using our services, we request you to go through the terms and conditions. Your willingness with us shows your acceptance.
A quotation on service charges is directly intimated via messenger. Quotations can be altered, modified, or deleted depending upon the status of the services. Varsha web designs own the right to cancel them at any time.
Client Review:
Varsha web designers will get in touch with the clients to review the visual elements and content of the website. A review will be continuously sent through clients to seek their suggestions before they finalize it. Upon the website completion, clients will be notified to review a website fully and can share their opinions, in case of any.
Turnaround Time and Content:
Every project of Varsha web design has a tentative start and final date of a website. The date is finalized only when clients agree to it, followed by the initial payment. Delay is acceptable when a client requests it with a valid reason.
During the development of the website, Varsha web designers will ask the clients to fetch content, text, images, movies, audio, and video files, if they have any.
Fail to provide website content:
To remain efficient in our works, we request our clients to submit all website content before us. If they fail to provide it on time, then we are unable to complete the project on a fixed time. This may even lead both of us into a time-lapse.
When comes to SEO websites, Content is required in advance because it involves planning with SEO factors. In case of delay, we even have the right to file a surcharge as we gave up time for some projects. To avoid all these issues, it is good to produce the content materials on time with us.
Varsha web design Invoices will soon reach you once your project is over. This billing is usually carried out before the website is live. Hence, the invoices are usually sent in a form of mail with a detailed description. Our clients will also be notified via supporting messenger. In case of the payment is due, we owe the right to charge a penalty plus a fixed amount.
Additional Expenses:
We notify clients when there is a need to purchase mandatory elements for a project. In that case, we look forward to the client's consent to reimburse the money along with the final payment.
Web Browsers:
Every website designed by the Varsha web designer's team ensures a great view of it. The websites are even designed and format well to cope with all types of browsers. Also, Varsha web designers cannot guarantee the use of the website will be the same on all browsers. In case of any modifications and adjustments are requested for any different browser, then we have the right to impose a quotation on the new track.
Any unpaid accounts with us will be considered as a default case. In that case, we have the right to remove all your materials from our space without any notice. So, Varsha web designs won't be responsible for any such losses due to unpaid accounts. If following any such misbehavior concerning payments, we impose a fine amount along with the original settlement. To this extent, clients are also responsible to pay expenses like legal fees and other extra costs provided by third-party organizations with us. Varsha web designers don't follow and aren't responsible for any third-party terms and conditions.
Any service termination requested by the client must be accepted only if the request is written. The termination request over phone, email or another mode of messaging activities is not acceptable at any cost. And also, the clients are requested to process the payment meant before the service termination request. Under some conditions, invoices will be adjusted with an advance payment for the work.
Varsha web design services are used for lawful purposes only. In case of any harmful activity taking place against Varsha web designs, you agree to indemnify and hold Varsha web designs harmless and further preventing us from any sort of unwanted claims.
Varsha web designs seek copyright authority from its clients. The files, graphic logos, and other resource materials provided by the client to Varsha web designs can make use of that data and the right to publish it. Therefore, the client is responsible for any copyright action and thus, a Varsha web design service doesn't hold any copyright responsibility.
Standard Media Delivery:
The client agrees to share the standard media files with us unless specified for projects. Also, the sharing of files is only accepted in electronic format with high-quality files. Varsha web designs owe the right to ignore any such harming files without any notice.
Design Credit:
Design credits will be allotted as per the Varsha web design policies. If the consent is missing, then we provide alternate choices that benefit both of us.
Access Requirements:
As per the needs of the projects, Varsha web design will raise a demand to guarantee the request. Depending upon the nature of the project, the request may get altered.
Post-placement Alterations:
Varsha web designs never take responsibility for any such third-party pages installed on a system with few exceptions. We are not responsible for additions, modifications, and deletions in a system.
Domain Names:
Varsha web design may purchase a domain name for their clients. The basic information like purchase data, payment made, renewal, and expiry are notable by the clients. We never take responsibility for any such activities unless the project is in our control. We request our clients to take care of all the required information maintained at their own risk.
Our terms and conditions represent our work, style, and the tendency of our teamwork in form of agreement. The client's consent is more important to move forward with us. So, we request you to be with us; only when you abide by our terms and conditions.
Social Media Management:
SSM works are managed by Varsha web design only when you sign an agreement with us under some concerns. In the meantime, we request our clients to follow the correct schedule of payments to avoid an inactivity state.
Governing Law:
Varsha web design is governed by Indian law practices.
Varsha web designs hereby exclude its internal workforce from
Loss of damage/information
Loss of delay/omission
Loss or damage to client’s artwork/photos shared with us.
In case of any invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provisions, the agreement shall not be void for any such reason. Those will be replaced by mutually valid and acceptable actions serving the purpose of legality.